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A brief glance on how to style Boho Locks

Updated: Feb 4

Boho locks are a good dreadlock style that suits a variety of hair textures, much like so many protective hairstyles. The Goddess, Queen, Boho Short Bob, Xtra Goddess, Distressed, Twists, Empress, Beach, Mermaid, and Beach are just a few of the different varieties of boho locks you may find. The lovely brand is a water-protective hairdo.

Therefore, it remains gorgeous even after a routine wash and while you swim with it. Also, boho locks look more beautiful as they age, especially if you wear them without losing the waves or getting tangled. Read further to see how you can style your boho locks.

What exactly are Boho Locs?

Boho locs, also known as bohemian locs, are a wild type of lock that uses crochet hooks and crochet locks. Most people add extra hair extensions, like curly hair, while styling their boho locks to give the locs a more freeform appearance.

The primary process of boho hair styling involves crisp and neat twisting to form faux locs using boho locks. However, varieties of Bohemian locs have extra curly or wavy hair extensions, as is seen in goddess locs. Boho locs are sometimes referred to as a combination of two kinds of locs.

How to install Boho Locks

During the installation process, you can style Boho locs. Clients have different styles they want to wear when they walk into the salon or hire a stylist for a home service. However, you can install Boho locs in two different ways. While one incorporates wavy or curly pieces, the other is a regular faux loc. But you can install both styles using crochet hair, the general and common technique for creating Boho locs.

The following are step-by-step installation methods to create boho locks:

1. Before getting bohemian locs, prepare your hair by washing, moisturizing, and conditioning it. It is better to blow-dry your hair. Suppose you want a neater installation, as this improves the hair texture. You can apply braids seamlessly if your hair stretches appropriately. Also, the crochet process is easy to carry out when hair dries well.

2. You can achieve your desired Boho locs style with clean hair. Divide your hair into desired segments and braid it into individual plaits. Make sure you do the braids on your entire head. You can part your hair neatly using a gel or pomade, which helps smooth the hair.

3. Get a crochet hook ready and curve or loop it inside your locs. You can use any faux-locs brand of your choice but always choose the best options. After installing faux locs by looping the crochet hook directly into the base of your braid, attach the loop hook of your faux locs by dragging the loop into one side of the base of your braid. Pull until the loop disappears through your hair. Afterward, detach the crochet hook and pass the base of your braid into the loop before giving it a tight pull.