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Braiding Styles to Try Out This Summer

Styling braided hair looks quite easy. It looks a bit fancy as well. Braided styles are good when you are in a hurry but still want to do something nice with your hair. You should try out braiding styles this summer.

Reason You Should Try Out Braided Styles This Summer

Braided styles are no longer for special occasions. More people are incorporating it into their everyday looks. This is because of the elegance of a perfect woven braid.

This summer provides an opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Braiding your hair will help highlight facial features. This can even draw compliments from friends and even strangers.

Braiding Styles to Try Out This Summer

There are different ways to style braids. Some styles are woven into the hairs. Other styles lay on top of the head, having a three-dimensional appearance. Below are well-defined braiding styles that you can try out this summer.

1. French braids

braids are not new for some women, as they have been wearing them since childhood. They have a pretty, practical look that suits all occasions. A special feature of this style is that it begins high up on the head, with new strands being worked into the braid downwards.

To achieve this look, begin by combing through the air and brushing it back. Divide a section of the hair at the top into three parts. Braid two steps in the way it is normally done. Continue by gathering new hair strands from both sides of the head and braiding them in.

Three sections are all you will be working with while making this style. Gather more hair into these sections when they reach the side of your hair. This way, you will incorporate the hair into the braid one section after another.

2. Dutch braids

Dutch braids are a sexy and cool style. It is a pigtail style with two braids formed along the head. The technique here is essentially similar to that of French braiding. Comb through the hair first before brushing it back.

After brushing, you should then create a complete center parting, which is from the forehead to the neck. Use a hair tie to tie one side together, so it does not get in the way. The other side should be separated into three sections.

Start again by braiding two steps and repeat this process. Carefully gather new hair from both sides of the head to incorporate into the braid. Similar to French braids, sections of the hair will incorporate into the braid one after the other.

3. Ponytail braids

Ponytail is not just a practical style when working out – it is an absolute classic. It has become a fashion statement. It fits all occasions, whether tightly styled up or loosely tied. You should try a low pony or high pony to give it a trendy edge.

When gotten right, the look of a low pony appears relaxed and chilled. Do not use too many styling products if you want to braid a low pony. This is because it is a style that will shine with an undone finish. A high pony needs to be smooth, sleek and worn near the head. To ensure you slick down any loose hair, finish the high pony with styling cream.

4. Herringbone braids

Herringbone braid is more girly and playful than other braiding styles. You are wearing this style with two sections of the hair and not three. As a result of this, the herringbone braid requires some dexterity.

To make this type of style, make a middle or side part. This should depend on how the braid is intended to be worn. The hair should then be separated into two loose sections. Take little strands out of the outer side of the first section and cross them over the same section entirely. Ensure that it joins with the inner section of the second.

Continue by also taking small strands from the outer side of the second section and crossing it over the same section entirely. Also, ensure that it joins with the inner section of the first. Make this a continuous process until all hair is braided.

5. Waterfall braids

Half braided, half loose hair is what makes the waterfall braids. The waterfall braid is a very flexible style. You can choose to wear it curly or smooth. One reason you should try this style out in the summer is that it looks good with long, medium-length, or shorter hair.

To make this style, firstly brush the hair before creating a side or middle parting. Take a section of the hair close to the temples and separate it into three strands. Traditionally braid these strands.

Styling waterfall braids follow the same principle as in French braid, where new strands are repeatedly added to the braid. The exception in this case, however, is that one is dropped. Do the same with a section of similar hair on the other side of your side or middle part.

The Right Care for Braided Styles

All hairstyles will look great when the hair is healthy. This is true, especially for braided styles. Dull or stressed hair will still look amazing when styled. However, it can never look like healthy hair. To ensure that you have the best braids this summer, here is how to care for your hair.

Washing: Make use of a fortifying shampoo when washing your hair. Weak, thin hair will result in a weak, thin braid. Cleverly interweaving luscious, thick hair ensures that braiding thrives.


Blow-drying: It is easier to braid hair with texture and some grip. The hair surface after washing becomes very smooth and may be difficult to braid. Give it some more texture before blow-drying.


Finish: Apply stylish creams to sections of the braided hair. This will prevent loose or flyaway hairs. Finally, use hair lacquer or hair spray to set braids.


Summer time is a season to enjoy outdoor activities. You should do this looking your best as a lady. Fortunately, trying the braiding styles detailed above will ensure you look amazing in all occasions.


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