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Do braids break off your hair?


Braids do not typically break your hair but poor maintenance will. One of the myth about small braids is that they are meant to be kept for a very lengthy time. How long you can keep your braids depends on the texture of your hair and braid maintenance routines .The following are some of the suggested ways to keep your braids neat and longer;

If your hair is thin , you shouldn’t keep your braids especially around your hairline more than 5 weeks.However if your hair is thicker you could keep the braids up to 8 weeks.

Keeping your braids for a long time eventually create huge knots at the root of the braid that are almost impossible to detangle which leads to breakage of hair.

Another great tip is to have your braids removed by a professional who will take their time to detangle all the knots to prevent or minimize breakage.

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Liliane .B


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