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Lemonade Braids: Everything you Need to know to kill the trend

Lemonade braids used to be called side braids or cornrow braids. The hairstyle became famous when the music icon Beyonce wore them in her "Lemonade" album in 2016. Ever since then, lemonade braids have been a trend.

What are lemonade braids?

The lemonade braid is a long cornrow created by cascading your hair from one side of the shoulder to the other and braided in a simple, petite style. The most popular lemonade hairstyles involve horizontal cornrow braiding or several small cornrows that go straight from your hairline. They can be made with braided extensions or natural hair.

They are also a trendy protective hairstyle that can be made thin, medium, or large. Lemonade braids are versatile, can be created in multiple patterns, and can be worn in jumbo size in shades like ombre, burgundy, or golden. In addition, accessories such as rings, cuffs, colored strings and yarns, and beads can be added to them.

Also, maintaining lemonade braids is relatively easy. Although some cornrow styles are typically worn with lemonade hair, the trend's true appeal lies in their adaptability. The design options are limitless and include long hair and short cornrows.

Different ways to slay with lemonade braids

Lemonade braids are a trend that you can slay in different ways. It is especially true because of its versatility. Below are various ways to slay the trend.

1. Thin, medium, and large

You can spice up your lemonade braid in various sizes, from big to small. Thin lemonade braids are refined and neat, offering intricate patterns for an elegant, classy hairstyle.

You can spend less time in the salon chair with medium lemonade braids while still looking fashionable. Large braids provide more texture and make a bold statement. You can combine and match the three styles of lemonade braids because of their versatility.

2. Braid accessories

Adding string, yarn, cuffs, and beads can make your lemonade braids more glamorous. It is a stunning accessory twist to add beads to your ensemble that people of all ages can wear.

You can also dress up your braids by adding more natural black and black beads or boosting the style with more eye-catching colors like blue, green, or fire-red. Then, after your stylist has finished making your hair, you can easily add one of the many different colors, sizes, and styles of mixed-metal cuffs for an edgy, royal look.

Additionally, you can ask for yarn or string to be added to some or all of your braids. With this additional styling, you can uniquely rock stunning hues and textures.

3. Curly and wavy

There is something about a good boho vibe that everyone loves. You can sport your lemonade braids with either wavy or curly ends. Both are free-spirited, casual options.

With their additional volume and texture, these lemonade braids provide a lovely, flowing contrast to the neat cornrows at the top. Additionally, the beachy look will make you stand out, especially in the summer.

4. Lemonade goddess braids

You can combine lemonade braids with your other preferred braided hairstyles to create a distinctive look. For example, goddess lemonade braids are made with large cornrows that lay flat on your scalp, and lemonade braids are made with long strands that sway in one direction.

The result is a thicker, bolder variation of lemonade braids that are remarkably simple to maintain. In addition, you can accessorize lemonade braids however you like; they come in all different forms, dimensions, and hues.

5. How to care for your lemonade braids

Lemonade braids can last for between 4 and 6 weeks if taken very well care of. However, even though you commit to a single hairstyle for several weeks, you can still skip your hair care regimen. Like when your hair isn't braided, your hair and scalp require lots of love to remain healthy.

Having them properly installed is most important when caring for lemonade braids. In making and installing this hairstyle, the number of braid packs required will depend on the length and size of your braids. Generally, it will be enough to have it well-installed when you use 3 to 6 packs.

Frequently pulling your hair and styling it in a way that requires a lot of pulling is likely to result in scarring, which can lead to permanent hair loss. Speak up if you feel like your hair is being pulled too tightly.

The biggest error people can make when getting their hair braided is having it done too tightly. With any too-tight style, there is a higher chance of developing traction alopecia, a type of hair loss primarily caused by pulling the hair.

It would help if you planned to leave lemonade braids in place for at least a week because they take a while to install. Then, your hair will need to be washed while it is still braided. Be gentle and avoid significantly altering your style when shampooing your hair using your usual technique.

After shampooing, condition your hair with a hydrating product to keep it looking and feeling moisturized. Also, use mousse or braid sprays to keep flyaway hair down, and keep the braids covered when sleeping at night.


You can slay lemonade braids for as long as possible with the various options available. Lemonade braids are trendy, and you can always have a unique look. Also, ensure they are well taken care of to keep them at their best. Using the style inspiration discussed, you will find many ways to develop the ideal look that suits your personality.


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