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Steps to Make Different Types of Cornrows

Some hairstyles are beautiful and easy to achieve. Cornrow is a typical example of this. When it comes to making cornrows, you are halfway into making it by yourself if you understand the basics of braiding. The only difference is that cornrows are braided into the scalp while plaits or braids freely hang from each of their sections.

Steps to Make Different Types of Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the popular hairstyles for afro hair. In the Caribbean, it is known as cornrows. The underhand technique is used to make these raised braids. Your skin is exposed when you wear this style because your hair is braided very close to the scalp.

A cornrow is considered a protective style that you can keep for weeks if you keep your scalp moisturized and take care of them properly. Another interesting thing is that you can create different types of looks with this style.

You can let your hair shine with cornrows by selecting from crazy to colorful and simple to sexy. Here are steps on how to make different types of cornrows:

1.Candy floss cornrows

The candy floss cornrow is a bright pink wig that will make you look like a celebrity. With this style, you are sure to grab attention and turn heads. In making this cornrow style, black box braid extensions and candy floss pink are used.

Known as crochet braiding, the extensions are inserted into the cornrows. Doing so leaves one side of your head with fewer box braids. This is to create a contrasted look and keep the cornrows exposed.

2.Feed-in beaded braids

The feed-in braids are cornrows with gorgeous embellishments. This hairstyle highlight