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Steps to Make Different Types of Cornrows

Some hairstyles are beautiful and easy to achieve. Cornrow is a typical example of this. When it comes to making cornrows, you are halfway into making it by yourself if you understand the basics of braiding. The only difference is that cornrows are braided into the scalp while plaits or braids freely hang from each of their sections.

Steps to Make Different Types of Cornrows

Cornrows are one of the popular hairstyles for afro hair. In the Caribbean, it is known as cornrows. The underhand technique is used to make these raised braids. Your skin is exposed when you wear this style because your hair is braided very close to the scalp.

A cornrow is considered a protective style that you can keep for weeks if you keep your scalp moisturized and take care of them properly. Another interesting thing is that you can create different types of looks with this style.

You can let your hair shine with cornrows by selecting from crazy to colorful and simple to sexy. Here are steps on how to make different types of cornrows:

1.Candy floss cornrows

The candy floss cornrow is a bright pink wig that will make you look like a celebrity. With this style, you are sure to grab attention and turn heads. In making this cornrow style, black box braid extensions and candy floss pink are used.

Known as crochet braiding, the extensions are inserted into the cornrows. Doing so leaves one side of your head with fewer box braids. This is to create a contrasted look and keep the cornrows exposed.

2.Feed-in beaded braids

The feed-in braids are cornrows with gorgeous embellishments. This hairstyle highlights a singular cornrow running down the center of your head. From there, all the cornrows shoot out from the sides of your hair.

This style can achieve a gorgeous look by feeding hair extensions into the cornrows. It will also make you look like a princess when it is embellished with beads of different colors and shapes.

3.Combined cornrows and Dutch braids

There is no better way to make a statement than by combining cornrows and Dutch braids.In making this type of style, a jagged cornrow of the pattern is made as your hair is braided towards your head from the center.

What makes it more fun here is that some hair extensions can be Dutch braided on either side of your head. This is done together with the tails of all your cornrows. Once completed, you will have a cornrow with an edgy twist to the pigtails style.

4.Cornrows Mohawk

The cornrow mohawk is a different type of cornrow. No one will want to mess with you when you wear this type of style. The cornrows are gathered in the middle of the head and styled in a trippy curved pattern.

To create a mohawk, extensions are attached and molded into the center of the head. This type of cornrow has a cool and edgy look that will allow you to show the world your awesome side.

5.Floral half-cornrows

The floral cornrow is a protective style that you can wear on your wedding day. You can achieve this look by going for two simple diagonal cornrows on each side of your head. Together with this, your natural hair at the back is left loose just to create a half-down or half-up look.

To further complement the look with a floral queen vibe, you can adorn the crown of your head with the use of red carnations.

6.Swirly cornrows all over

With this type of cornrow, you can sport both an afro and a cornrow style together. This means that you do not have to choose between them. Combining both styles will give you the best of this style.

With both styles, expect a whirly cornrow pattern that is feminine, flirty, and adorable to look at. There is more that you can do with this style to get the best out of it. Finish off the look and create a gorgeous little afro by making some short braids of brown Marley hair at the back.

7.Subtle frontal cornrows

There are different types of cornrow styles, and you can go subtle or full-on as you want. This type of style, combined with a high ponytail, involves the cornrowing of your hair straight at the front.

As you do this, your natural hair is also tied into a thick high ponytail. This will add a dramatic effect to your edgy look.

8. Mohawk with mixed cornrows

This type of cornrow is a look that will get you a lot of attention if you have it on. It is relatively easy to make.

Begin by creating a series of cornrows of varying lengths that extend from your ears and curve upward toward the middle of your head. By adding extensions to the tails of your cornrows, you can create a braided Mohawk that slays.

9. Pulled-back half-cornrows

The pulled-back half-cornrow is a style that you should have if you want to highlight the natural beauty of your hair while you have it out of your face.

This half-done cornrow style leaves your natural hair loose at the back and uses vertical cornrows running from front to back. It is a beautiful style that can only be described as fabulous and functional.

10. Cornrows ponytail

The cornrows, ponytail, and bun combo are a particular style that is very dynamic. The neat horizontal cornrows first produce a stunning symmetrical pattern.

The style then adds Marley twists to crochet braiding to create a high bun and double ponytail look that is charming.


Cornrow is one of the most well-known hairstyles. It is a protective style that is easy to make if you understand the basics of braiding. With the different types of cornrows, you are sure to have a striking hairstyle that highlights the natural beauty of your hair as well.


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