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The most stylish cornrows and scalp braids of 2022

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Stylish cornrows and scalp braids are traditionally protective hairstyles. The styles may feature straight-back cornrows, which are done along the scalp. The cornrows are usually made in curvilinear or straight-line designs.

Understanding cornrows and scalp braids

Cornrows are a protective hairstyle for women. As a result, it can protect you in the hottest months of the year and also help to regrow your curls. The braiding of cornrows is commonly done close to the scalp. Creating this hairstyle by yourself is difficult, so you should make an appointment with a hairdresser to get it.

When creating cornrows and scalp braids, some extensions might be added to your natural hair. Braiding cornrows might take up to 5 hours, depending on the volume and length of your hair. Once completed, it can last for 4 weeks with regular care.

You should ensure that it is not too tight, and you should not wear it for too long as it can cause traction alopecia. Taking it off when it is time for a redo is quite easy as well.

The most stylish cornrows and scalp braids of 2022

There are different techniques for making different styles of cornrows and scalp braids. As a result of these various techniques, you can find them in different styles. Here are some of the most stylish cornrows and scalp braids for 2022:

1. Cornrow braids and a curly ponytail

Braiding your hair with cornrows in the front and a high, curly ponytail in the back exudes class. A ponytail goes well with any occasion, season, and style, which is why some people are obsessed with it. Adding hair extensions to the high, curly ponytail creates a soft element with the neat cornrows in the front. The bouncy curls also look energetic.

Before braiding your hair this way, ensure that you clean and moisturize your natural hair first. Divide your hair into two sections from the middle and fix your hair’s back side. Start from your hairline and put the front side into cornrows. You can stop braiding when you get to the middle of the hair.

Next is the back side of your natural hair, which you will release, and in the same way, braid from the bottom to the middle. Make a ponytail or bun by gathering the left hair extensions together. Before wrapping your hair with scarves, you can put some hair mousse on the braids. In wrapping, you can define the curls the way you like.