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What Are Box Braids?

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

box braids

Black women cycle through different protective hairstyles with box braids being one of the most popular. Box braids are stylish and they also give you the chance to give your hair a break. It is for this reason and more that many celebrities have made it their go-to hair.

What Are Box Braids?

Box braids are individual plaits that are commonly divided into small boxes or square sections. They are regarded as a protective hairstyle with boxy hair separations that are meant to protect your hair. To create box braids, hair extensions are usually used. Box braid is a term that emanates from how each hair braid is divided into a box of hair.

Nowadays, creativity in hair styling continues, and there are different ways to create box braids. Box braids can be of any length and width. For fullness, thickness, and length, most women add natural or synthetic hair to their braid.

One standout feature of these braids is that they can be manipulated into many different styles since there are not attached to the scalp. Completing the style may take some time, but when finished is usually beautiful and will last for a while.

Installing Regular Braids

When it comes to wearing braids and twists, there are several different choices. Moreover, cuter choices are being created every day. Some of the most popular braiding styles include poetic braiding styles, Ghana braids, goddess braids, and crochet braids. You must also consider the color, length, and thickness before selecting the style you want.

When creating braiding styles, many women make use of hair extensions. It is recommended that you use human hair extensions when possible. Although human hair is costlier than synthetic hair extensions, they still help create a more natural-looking box braid.

Additionally, it is important when making a box braid that you do not install it too tight. They can significantly damage your hair if they are installed too tight. Tight braids can result in hair loss, so ensure that you keep your hair and scalp clean. It is also great that you always cover your hair at night to ensure that your box braids continue to look good and last longer.

Furthermore, your hair must be taken care of during the installation and removal processes, and what is more important is that you do not install your twists or braids too tightly. This will help you avoid suffering permanent hair loss because you incorrectly installed your box braids.

Box braids remain a vital part of many African American girls' arsenal. It is among the hairstyles that require low maintenance and also allows you to keep your natural hair out of the way and away from being manipulated. Because of its versatility, you can always use box braids to show off your hair.

There are many ways to style them and show them off once they are installed. In the process of deciding to wear box braids, ensure that you first consider the size, length, and color that you want.

What Are the Popular Box Braid Styles?

Due to their versatility, box braids can be styled in various ways like in a bob, or bun, using different sized braids. Below are some popular styles that you may want to consider.


One of the reasons many people get box braids is to get more length. Nevertheless, box braids also look great when worn short. They require less time to install and wash, are as versatile as long braids, and will beautifully frame your face. Ensure that you ask your braider to know how much hair is required if you want a shorter look.

Braided box braids

If you are not sure of the style you want, then you can pull them together for other braids. Creating a French braid or a chunky crown is quite easy when you pull together a few main strands.


For some people, bigger is better. Jumbo braids are bound to attract attention, and they require lower maintenance when compared to smaller braids. Your braids will be more versatile when you pair this size with some length. Color and cuffs are also great on jumbo braids.

Colored box braids

You have no reason to stick to just one color when you get box braids. With natural hair colors like blonde and black, you get a subtle splash of color. You can go purple or bold red if you are looking to stand out.

High ponytail

A high ponytail is chic and very easy to pull off. It is a good way of keeping your hair out of your face. By positioning this style differently on your head, you vary the look even more. For a high-side ponytail, position it off to one side, and keep it centered if you want your hair to drape over your shoulders.

Small box braids

You can try out intricate styles with small box braids while you install them. When compared to bigger braids, smaller braids last longer. Also, with smaller braids, updos such as knots look classy.

Top knot

This type of box braid is great if you are preparing for a night out or you are running errands. Intricate parts or colored braids will shine and stand out with this style. Your top knot will be bigger if your braids are longer and bigger.

Box braids with accessories

Pearls, rubber bands, beads, and cuffs are some of the few ways you can accessorize your braids. You can add some personality to your braids when you work in a few accents to your hair. This way, you can make a look of your own.


Box braid is a protective style and for good reasons is one of the most popular. They are easy to customize, long-lasting, and versatile. These braids last for up to a month, so you should make finding a reliable braider a priority. It is also vital that the braider is experienced to ensure that your long installation appointment is made as less painful as possible.


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