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How To Prevent Breakage From Braids?

Braid hairstyles are fantastic because they allow your hair to develop without being subjected to excessive manipulation or the elements, which reduces breakage. Braids are a flexible and effective protective design when they are fitted and maintained correctly. Unfortunately, issues can occur because careless practice and neglected hair can cause harm and breakage.

Read and comprehend our suggestions for preventing breakage when wearing braids!

1. Moisture Is Essential

Although Afro hair benefits from being hidden, it still needs moisture while you wear braids.

Your hair needs moisture to stay healthy and prevent breakage.

For proper braid care, you should wash and condition your hair. Your natural hair should be wet before applying the conditioner. Start at the roots and work your way down.

After rinsing, gently dry your hair.

Follow a routine to wash your hair and lightly sprinkle your hair with moisturizing spray in between washes. After taking off your braids, you'll notice the difference this creates! Your hair will feel silky and luxurious rather than crunchy and rough.

2. Keep Your Scalp Clean:

Any hairstyle starts with a clean scalp.

Products will positively impact the hair and braid style when your scalp is clean.

Make sure to wash your hair with a shampoo free of sulfates because braids can cause buildup faster than usual. By doing this, you can clean your scalp without removing any of its natural oils. You'll be able to maintain your braids longer if you do this.

Swish should be used sparingly and worked into your scalp and the roots of your braids. Rinse your braids with the water running down them, then gently scrunch them dry.

3. Apply Oil On Bands

If you decide to attach braids using rubber bands, use transparent ones.

They are stretchy and flexible. Make sure to apply light grease on the bands before using them.

Experts recommend finishing this step before tying up your portions. Since Soothe was made for the scalp, it will let your rubber bands slip and ease stress. It will prevent pulling from harming your scalp while the braids are in place, enabling you to enjoy your braids without concern.

4. Avoid Using Heating Tools:

Who doesn't want gentle beach waves that are created quickly and easily without the need for a heating tool?