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What Are Dreadlocks And What Is The Procedure To Make It?

The coolest hairstyle ever is dreadlocks! Keep reading if you want to learn how to make dreadlocks if your interest has been piqued. Think of Bob Marley if you are unsure of what dreads to look like.

What Do You Mean By Dreadlocks (Braids)?

Hair matting forms rope-like, coarse-textured portions of hair that resemble dreadlocks. They come from Buddhist, Rastafarian, Senegalese, Aztec, and ancient Greek traditions. Dreadlocks are worn by people of different sexes, faiths, tribes, and ethnicities. However, they are most frequently linked with African origin.

The best approach to developing dreadlocks is to entirely disregard your hair, not even brushing, cutting, or combing it. However, it takes a long time until your hair mattes and gives you the ideal appearance. Additionally, you may dreadlock your hair using various techniques including backcombing, twisting, and dread braiding.

To acquire these dreadlocks without waiting for years, keep reading. In this post, we have included a few quick tips to help you accomplish your dreadlock vision without causing your hair to get matted. To learn more, scroll down.

To make beautiful dreadlocks, you need the following:

  • Shampoo without residue

  • Blowdryer

  • Dividing clips

  • Elastic bands

  • A comb with fine teeth

  • Hair wax for dreadlocks

Making Dreadlocks With Backcombing Method

Wash your hair thoroughly. Before you dreadlock your hair, you must wash it with good residue-free shampoo. This shampoo thoroughly cleanses your hair of all oil and debris buildup while making sure there is no residual buildup (the way a regular shampoo would).

Blowing-drying Your Hair

Blow dry your hair in all directions—up, down, and side to side. The secret is to give your hair as much volume as you can. Before you begin dreadlocking, you should make sure there are no damp hair strands present.

Begin Sectioning

A few inches above the nape of the neck, create a horizontal part in your hair. To hold up the remainder of your hair, use sectioning clips. Pick up an inch-wide portion of hair from one corner of the hair that has been divided into sections.

Backcombing Is Necessary

Start backcombing this area toward your scalp from approximately one inch below your roots. As a result, a tangle will form, serving as the base for your dreadlocks. Backcomb your hair in this manner as you work your way to the ends by moving along its length.

Begin Twisting

This portion of backcombed hair should be completely wound around itself to create a tight cylindrical shape.

Dread Wax Application

Twist your dreadlocks as you work a little bit of dread wax around your fingers and down their length. All the free hair strands are intended to be smoothed down and bound together.

Roll Your Dreads in the Palm

Roll these waxed-up dreadlocks between the palms of your hands from the root to the ends until it is nice and taut. The act of palm rolling is crucial for both growing and maintaining dreadlocks.

Spread Your Dreads Out

Do not attempt to create your dreadlocks in an even, predetermined pattern. Your scalp will appear exposed because of this. Therefore, space your hair out to give it a complete appearance and cover your scalp as much as possible.

Repeat this process until all of your hair has been dreadlocked.

How to Care for Dreadlocks?

During the initial week, do not wash them: The first week after they are produced, your dreadlocks are quite sensitive. They may get loosened and unravel if they are washed now. Thus, during the first week, when you take a shower, grab yourself a large shower cap and put your dreads inside of it.

When cleaning your dreadlocks, always use residue-free shampoo. After the first week of going without a wash, you can wash your hair one to three times each week. Use a residue-free shampoo without fail for two reasons. First off, regular washes can leave behind lubricating residues that soften your hair and remove your dreadlocks.

Before you wash your dreadlocks again, make sure they are totally dry, straight down to the center, whether you blow-dry them or let them air dry. They may stink if you leave them damp.


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