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What Are the Various Types of Cornrows?

Different braiding patterns and hairstyles have been used to identify people based on their marital status, community, or age in African communities. Cornrows, also called cornrows are one of the commonly known styles for Afro hair. Depending on your preference or origin, there are various types of cornrows.

What Are the Various Types of Cornrows?

Cornrows are raised braids that are formed by using the underhand technique. Your skin is often exposed because cornrows are braided very close to the scalp. It is considered a protective style that you can have on for weeks. However, you must keep your scalp moisturized and take care of your cornrows to ensure that they last long.

Additionally, you can create various looks with it. With this type of braid, you can create crazy, colorful, simple, sexy, or sleek hair. Below are some of the various types of cornrows that will allow your hair to shine.

1. Cornrow side braid

With the side cornrows, you can add a unique touch to your hair. With this style, you can create a “faux-undercut” look. You can also take it to the next level by pairing it with other braided hairstyles. A combination that stands out is side cornrows with Dutch braids.

You can also go a step further by adding some contrasting cornrows right at the crown of your head. Whatever your preference is, the cornrow side braid is a versatile and fun style to try. It is perfect for emphasizing your face bone structure because it brings out the frames of your temples and also brings out the cheekbones.

2. Big cornrow braids

To embrace this trend, you can opt for big cornrow braids. This style is eye-catching and bold. Braiding in larger plaits involves you using more hair for making each row, saving you a lot of time. It is a style you should go for if you want to spend less time in the salon chair and still have a unique and beautiful look.

Additionally, styling, caring, and maintaining this type of cornrow braid is easy. To make the most of this look and give a unique twist to it, add accessories like delicate chains and ribbons to it.

3. Two cornrow braids

These two-statement braids are one of the most iconic types of cornrows. Creating this style involves braiding underhand. This is done at an angle and close to the scalp, with hair sweeping from the face into two plaits. It is a classic style with a fresh update of having your hair braided to wrap around your head asymmetrically.

Furthermore, the two cornrow braids are an off-center look that feels playful and younger. It will take your hair up the notch, and it is subtle to wear to school or work. With this type of cornrow, you are sure to attract attention and get compliments because of its uniqueness.

4. Cornrow braids with natural hair

The perfect match for cornrows is natural hair. This is because this braiding technique was developed for totally unstraightened and untreated Afro hair textures. To make the best of your natural hair with this style, go with side cornrows.

With this technique, you can create a faux-undercut style or mini-Afro mohawk effect. This style is also great for making a statement with a pair of earrings due to the hair being braided up. It is also a type of cornrow that is suitable for the hot summer season.