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Braids Vs. Twist: Which One is Better?

Sometimes, you want to find out about the best of something before trying it out. It is the same thing when it comes to braiding styles. . The two styles look appealing enough, and one would nearly not know how to pick the right style to wear between box braid styles and twists. According to some hair enthusiasts, braids are better than twists.

There are reasons why everyone thinks this way, and the most crucial reason is that maintaining them can be easier since, unlike a twist that uses two strands, it requires three strand plaits. There are many more reasons that will make you choose braid styles over twists, as seen here.

Comparing Braids Vs. Twist

  • Braid is a low-maintenance hairstyle, while twist has a quick plaiting process which makes it difficult to maintain.

  • Braids last longer, and you may not style them immediately after braiding them, while twists are easier to style even though you have just plaited them.

  • Braids can be washed easily and still stay in place while twisting do not pull and tug on hair like tight braids

  • Twist will put tension on your scalp much more than braids will ever do.

What Reasons Should be Considered When Choosing Between Braids and Twist?


When you opt to wear a hairstyle that can save you the time of visiting the salon too often, you aim to wear that braid style for a longer period than normal. The amount of maintenance required for any type of braid is an essential factor when differentiating the two hairstyles. Twist requires more maintenance than braids which is why you should not consider it if you are a busy and active person. For example, if you play sports regularly, or are always working out, twisting is not for you.

No matter how active you are during the day, with your braid style, you can wash braids as often as once or twice a week depending on how active you can be. When washing, use deep conditioning treatments. Finish it with hair oils and do not worry about your hair dislodging, as this will not happen. You cannot try this process with a twist because it is a two-strand plait and will come undone if you wash it that often.

If you are trying to maintain a twist, by all means, the process will be tiring as it is normally tedious and long. If you give it a thorough wash, get ready to re-twist it. If you were wearing long hair, it would be such a great task to finish each extension. Also, if you try using conditioners to treat the hair, the twist will slip and unravel.

Since it is very important to keep the scalp and hair moisturized and clean while wearing protective hairstyles like twists or braids, choosing a twist will be the wrong option if you have desires to follow hair care steps, therefore braids are a better choice.


Since braiding is a protective style, it will help in growing your hair. This popular hairstyle that everyone loves can last for as long as you want it to, while also extending the length of your hair. When you braid your hair, you can wear it for as long as four to five weeks before styling it again. You cannot say the same for twists so, braids last longer than twists.

Both twists and braids can last up to 6-8 weeks as it is the optimal time for wearing protective styles. However, wearing braids or twists for such a long period can harm the hair. Protective styles that are worn for too long can prevent natural hair from obtaining the amount of hydration and moisture it requires. Sometimes, twists may not even last up to the third week before the strands begin to disentangle.

Even though twists may not last as long as braid styles, it is important to note that they still maintain a neater appearance than braids. This happens because while wearing a protective twist style and your natural hair begins to extend in growth along with the twist, the root where your new hair is growing from, will combine with the twist while growing out. The same cannot be said with protective braid styles because when new hair starts to grow, the knot is pushed too far away from the hair root.


Ideally, braids will always weigh more than twists. The only time this can differ is if the twists are thick. Why braid styles are said to weigh more is because it often requires three strands of the hair volume to make box braids, unlike twists which typically require fewer hair extensions, using 2-strand plaits.

Braids will absorb less water than twists which means you can wash your braids and feel lighter on the head than with twists. When you wash, twist, or swim with it, you will be faced with entangled braids which you must re-twist, and an added weight that can make your head feel heavier due to the absorption of water.

If you must wear twisted protective hairstyles, do so during the summer period and do not wear it for too long since washing them can also be a problem. But if you are planning on spending your summer moments by the pool, your protective hairstyle type should be regular three-strand braid styles rather than twists.

Also have in mind that there are different types of twists and the four common types include; Havana, Senegalese, Marley, and Kinky twist. However, Senegalese twists are often the heaviest. For braids, you can decide to wear knotless braids or box braids, the only difference between these two is their methods of installation.


You can make a suitable decision now that you understand the difference between twists and braids protective hairstyles. When it comes to these two styles, you can expect your hair to grow longer and it is very easy to notice the new length. However, there are reasons why you may want to choose braid styles over twists styles. Braid styles are easier to maintain, they last long even after several thorough washings, and they have a lighter weight when faced with water.


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