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The 20 Extraordinary Marley Twist Hairstyles for Women to Try

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

The Marley twist is one of several protective hairstyles you can wear for up to 8 weeks with proper care. The twist is fantastic for adding more volume to your hair, and it looks beautiful when you style it to suit a specific occasion. There are varieties of Marley hairstyles that you can try as a woman; read further to see them:

What are marley twists, exactly?

Marley twists imply using two strands or pieces of braided extensions to twist. For a perfect twist, the braid extensions usually appear natural and coarse. Also known as Kinky Twists, Marley Twists are named after Bob Marley as they are created to resemble dreadlocks.

However, over time, they have changed, looking more like twists and less like dreadlocks. Because you may not need to install them directly to the scalp, the twist is ideal for tying in a bun or high ponytail. Marley twists are either thin or jumbo in size.

20 Stunning marley twist styles

1. Long marley twists

Long Marley twists can work for people with long or short hair. All you need are the braid extensions, and you can look nice wearing the Marley twist. Remember to use natural hair cream while sectioning the hair so that it blends seamlessly inside an extension.

2. Half-updo twists

Braid and twist hairstyles are perfect for updo styling. You can achieve a half-crown updo by wrapping a double twist on any side of your head. Enhance the look by using add-on accessories like tiny beads.

3. Highlighted twists

If you want a charming and more colorful appearance, you can add a colored hair extension while getting your Marley twist, which helps create a great highlight. You can flaunt highlighted twist braids during a summer vacation.

4. Naturally-wrapped twists

If you feel like going on with your day without bothering your hair or have yet to learn about any styling that will work perfectly for the occasion, you can wear a casual hairstyle halfway up. For example, pull your Marley twist back into a soft bun, or pull it up on your head. It will look more beautiful if you allow a twist or two to hang down and frame the face on each side.

5. A touch of brown

You can easily flaunt a vibrant color to highlight your Marley twists, but using brown accessories will take your look to the next level. A little color can mean a lot, so give your Marley twists a radical look using a subtle brown color addition. Also, to draw more attention to your Marley Twist hairstyle, section your hair into fashionable patterns before installing twists.

6. Dreaded marley locks

Getting Marley twists was similar to getting dreadlocks, but over the years, the twists have evolved, and they now appear more like braided twists than they do like dreads. The dreaded Marley hairstyle is a suggestive twist on an old Marley style.

7. Half-top knot

A braided twist adds more length and volume to the natural hair. So, if

If you want a thicker look, you can style your Marley twist in a half knot at the top of your head.

8. Thin pieces marley twists

Marley twists can also be thin and light. They might take more time to install than medium and jumbo twists, but you will feel better wearing less chunky hair.

9. Colorful marley twists

If you are someone who loves playful colors or you love to get groovy, you can install colorful Marley twists on your entire head. Try colors like red, purple, or electric blue if you are quirky.

10. Marley twists and finger waves

Create baby hair with wavy hair, and Mary Jane twists at your front facial hairline. You can achieve finger waves using a gel and toothbrush.

11. Mohawk 11 marley twists

Mohawk appears to be the inner rad you've been hoarding. You can get this style by weaving the sides of your hair into tiny cornrows. Afterward, move the remaining hair to the middle of your head to form a mohawk. Remember to get the Marley twist in small parts and enhance the entire look with accessories.

12. Loose marley twists

If you like your hair to hang in the back, go for loose Marley twists. The hairstyle is ideal for Instagram photos, a picnic, or a day at the beach. You can also tie your hair in side ponytails or loose braids to create an elegant look.

13. Marley dread twists

Get the best Marley dreads by using the cool and edgy Jumbo dreads. Hold the twists tightly and pull them together.

14. Half-ponytail marley twists

You can twist and pack your Marley twists into half ponytails to add more length to the locks and give your hair more weight and fullness.

15. Marley twist with one bead

Adding beads to your braids and twists is a great way to accessorize your hairdo. Add one gorgeous bead to your Marley twists and see the transformation.

16. Thin Ends

Marley twists are a protective style for fragile ends. So, if you have easy-to-damage hair or are thin and delicate, you should opt for long Mary Tyler twists.

17. Curly rdge marley twists

This hairdo looks perfect with accessories like gold threads and beads. Pull your Marley twists back and tie in a ponytail halfway through to allow the curly ends to dangle freely.

18. Marley ywists and accessories

Accessorize your Marley twists with traditional items like African cowrie, beads, gold thread, and hair rings.

19. Contrasting marley twists

This is a fantastic Marley twist hairstyle to try on your own. It is easy and achievable, and you will need blonde varieties or different shades of hair extensions.

20. Free edge marley twists

Free ends add elegance to your look. Stop twisting after a few inches to complete the twist. To stop the hair extension from unraveling, dip it in heated water.


Marley twists can protect your hair from damage and breakage. In addition, they can add more length, thickness, and volume to your hair. You can go for a Marley twists hairstyle that suits your personality, such as a twisted updo, highlighted twists, dreaded Marley locks, and half-top knots.


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