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The evolution of Short Hairstyles: Choosing the right cut

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Short hairstyles have been popular for a very long time and are still prevalent today. There are many options for short hairstyles like bouffant, straight, wavy, or curly. Short hairstyles remain a popular choice among women, even though they have evolved with time.

Common types of short hairstyles

There are numerous short hairstyle options available to you. These days, the bob, pixie, and crew haircuts are the most popular short hairstyles. However, each hairstyle has an advantage depending on the shape of your face. For this reason, you must know your face shape to understand the type of short hairstyle that works best for you.

Crew cut

There was a lack of hair styling equipment in ancient times, making crew cut one of the oldest hairstyles. However, common among men, women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle get the cut. Crew cuts require little effort and always look nice and clean.

Crew-cut hairstyles are trendy hairstyles to have nowadays, as women have discovered. The significant benefit of this hairstyle is that it is inexpensive and requires little time. Styling isn't messy because it does not take much effort to create.

Pixie hairstyle

Pixie haircuts have been made famous these days by celebrities. For this reason, it has become a trend among many young women today. The pixie hairstyle will give you short, spiky hair. Not having to spend too much time styling it in the morning is the main advantage of this hairstyle.

Little effort is involved in taking care of a pixie hairstyle, and you still get an excellent, fantastic cut. Additionally, pixie hairstyles can effortlessly give you an edgy look, which is another reason you will find many women wearing them.

Bob cut

A Bob cut is another short hairstyle now among the most popular hairstyles worn by modern-day women. Loved by celebrities as well, the Bob cut is a timeless classic.

The hairstyle is made up of short hair that ends around the jawline. There are variations to it, with some versions being like long bobs.

Choosing the right type of haircut

You must choose the right type of short hairstyle that matches your personality traits and lifestyle, as well as the shape and features of your face. Even though there are many different hairstyles, you need to choose what works best for your face.

Your face shape is the most important thing to consider when making a new hairstyle. This is because if you pick a pretty hairstyle and it does not work well with the shape of your face, it might turn out to be less attractive than you intended.

Therefore, you must choose a hairstyle that suits the shape of your face rather than opting for the latest trend. Depending on your face shape—a diamond, heart, triangle, circle, square, oval, or rectangle—the right hairstyle will perfectly balance and frame it. As such, it will display your best features for a complementary and flattering appearance.

Identifying the shape of your face will help you get the best hairstyle. To do so, have your hair tied back and try taking a picture of yourself facing the camera. You can then see the shape you have when you trace through the outside of your face.

Furthermore, you can measure your face as well. While measuring, try focusing on the widths of your jawline, cheekbones, and brow. Also, measure the length of your face, from your forehead to your chin. Getting the widths and lengths will help you know the proportion of your face. The result will be the face shape best suited to you.

You can easily ask the people around you to point out the shape of your face if you do not want to go through the stress of taking measurements. Below are also some haircuts for different face types.

1. Haircuts for square faces

An exact proportion, a razor-sharp jawline, and a chiseled overall appearance are the hallmarks of a square face shape. It is a fantastic base for most looks and is adaptable enough to work with terse and longer hairstyles, from French crops to buzz cuts to quiffs.

Remember that you will look more like an Army recruit the shorter you go. Close fades, side partings, and short layers are some examples of classic, tidy haircuts that work best with a square face shape.

2. Haircuts for oval faces

Any hairstyle will look good on an oval face shape, so the decision is entirely up to you. There are a few minor restrictions to make sure you maximize the beauty. Wearing your hair off your forehead will help create volume and angles on top if you have an oval face shape.

The best cut is a traditional side-swept parting with short sides and back and slightly longer hair on top. Additionally, it would help if you avoided a forward fringe.

3. Haircuts for round faces

Haircuts for women that end below the chin are some of the better choices. However, going too short can widen the cheek area when the hair is curly or wavy. Also, your face can appear longer with short hairstyles that add volume on top.

Due to the lack of natural angles on round faces, you must use your hair to give the appearance of the structure. A pompadour or a flat top with height on top and sides pulled in tightly can add design.


Hairstyles have evolved. Today, you can find different variations of hairstyles to pick from. However, you should know that your face's shape matters most when choosing a hairstyle. Therefore, let the hairstylist suggest the best hairstyle for you, or you can pick the one that best suits your lifestyle, appearance, and, most importantly, your face shape.


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