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Guide On Different Braiding Styles

Every Mane Addict, from bohemian babes to red carpet regulars, understands that a lovely plait is a key to a perfectly pulled-together outfit. Yes, we're discussing braids. That school uniform you wore on rainy days inside. That casual look you wear in between washes. These three (and occasionally four) strand styles are far from your ordinary lazy female look. We gathered 12 various varieties of braids, ranging from box braids to fishtails, to prove that this traditional 'do is anything but average.

1. Classic Braid

This fashion essential should be well-known. A basic three-strand braid is an easy technique to keep your tresses in place without jeopardizing your beauty. Let your layers hang loosely like Emma Chamberlain. A textured appearance adds interest to a conventional plait.

2. Box Braids

Little braids may make a big statement. Box braids from the 1990s are having a significant moment, and it's easy to understand why. They require little upkeep and provide a great return. Tessa Thompson's shoulder-length version of this classic look is stunning.

3. Tree Braids

Tree braids combine the finest of both worlds. These delicate tiny plaits make your hair work twice as hard. The practically undetectable braids begin at the head and gradually descend into free-flowing strands, providing protection while enabling you to experiment with length.

4. French Braid

A French braid is always fashionable. This elevated take is relatively easy to do. Begin by dividing a small part of hair into three smaller sections. Simply braid the leftover strands down the length of your mane and you are done! The result is a stunning weaved masterpiece.

5. The Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is the finer cousin of the French braid. This bouncy plait can be worn in almost any scenario. Wear your hair ultra-tight for a sports updo or pull-out parts for an undone, casual style. Dutch braids look great any way you wear them.

6. Cornrows

We love pretty much anything Rihanna does, and her unusual twist on cornrows is one of our favorite mane moments yet. Rihanna opted for a sculptural rendition of these ultra-tight plaits rather than the typical row-like sectioning approach.

7. Milkmaid Braid

With a quick and eye-catching milkmaid braid, you can say goodbye to plain buns for good. Any of your favorite plaits can be used to create this wrap-around 'do. Start with two Dutch braids on either side of your part for a classic look, or experiment with a colorful set of twists for a romantic, gala-ready look.

8. Fishtail

Talk about mermaid energy. The fishtail braid is the beach babe's preferred braid. This tousled look is best achieved with a bit hair added texture: a spritz of sea salt spray before you begin braiding is recommended. To get that ocean-fresh vigor.

9. Infinity Braid

In technique, the infinity braid is similar to a fishtail braid, but the ultimate product is vastly different. The infinity braid is created by carefully wrapping sections of strands around one another rather than crisscrossing little sections of hair over one another to produce a lattice-like design. The end product is a sophisticated masterpiece suitable for an expensive business function or a top-notch date night.

10. Braid with a Pull-Through

This romantic hairdo will necessitate the use of more than a few ponytail holders. The pull-through braid is created by essentially dragging numerous little ponytails through one another, resulting in a rustic countryside look that is 100% winter wedding acceptable.

11. Twists

Who said braids had to have three strands? Twisting requires only two people. Senegalese twists are the epitome of beauty. This protective style is versatile, and beautiful, and can be worn at almost any length.

12. Four-Strand Braid

Don't worry if you're missing Game of Thrones braid inspiration; we've got you covered. A four or five-strand plait, expertly braided to absolute perfection, is the kind of style that is genuinely suitable for a royal occasion.


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