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Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Braids in 2022

From Braided twists to French braids, everyone has a favorite braid style that makes them appear unique and beautiful. If you are looking at trying other braid styles, to suit the occasion, there are a lot of braided hairstyles you can choose to wear and look different. It can be chosen for a business meeting, gym, wedding, and date. All braid styles will protect your hair from damage. To assist you in making the finest choices when thinking of braid styles to wear, here is an ultimate guide to different elegant braid types to try.

4-Strand Braid

Maybe you have been known for always wearing a 3-strand braid, a 4-strand braid will spice up the look. With this elegant twisted braid, you can have a nice appearance when going to class. It looks just like a regular braid at first glance and others will be confused about what braid style you are wearing until they come closer to you.

Box Braids

Box braid is one of the most popular braid styles you can think of, as it makes a big impact on the appearance of the person wearing it. '90s box braids place you as a center of attraction and this classic style normally has a high payoff and low maintenance.

Simple 3 Strand Braid

This braid style is one of the most basic types that nearly everyone grew up wearing. It is also a simple hairstyle that you can do by yourself. You can style it into unending styles by simply playing around with texture and size.

Fishtail Braid

This braided hairstyle is one of the most complex and detailed types to try. If you are planning to attend a fanciful event soon, this trendy style will be perfect to wear. It entails a detailed and delicate weaving of small sections of your hair together, to form a creative and symmetrical outcome, looking like an aligned scale on the tail of a fish.

French Braid

Here is one classic braid that will turn heads. It is a popular style that is both chic and simple, especially when you are trying to wear your hair in such a way that it does not get into your face. During summer, everyone loves the idea of French braids since they can be kept out of the face and it is also very perfect for work and school. The moment you master the French braid style by yourself, it can be easy for you to wear it perfectly, in less than 3 minutes while you prepare to go out.

Pull Through Braid

This style is perfect for people with voluminous hair textures. It is a very elegant style that can improve the volume of your hair. It is extra trendy and involves tying the hair into a fine bunch of ponytails and pulling the strands into each other to form braided effects.

Dutch Braid

A Dutch braid is simply a French braid created in reverse. This classic style adds dimension to appearance because of how it is seen by others on your hair. The braid can be blended in a segmented or half-up style to add a cheeky vibrancy or you can style it with a bun if you are wearing it to the office.

Rope Twisted Braid

This is gorgeously and easily worn as two twisted braid styles. It only involves making two sections on your hair and twisting them together. You can do it by yourself, and you may spend about 2 minutes to achieve a perfect outcome. If you are running out of time, and you need to step out as soon as possible, this hairstyle will save you well.

Reverse Braid

Similar to its name, the reverse braid style is simply a quirk braid that is created from the nape of a person's neck, up to the head, to produce an elegant appearance for a bun. You can also wear this style under a ponytail. It is appropriate for sports and workout sessions.

Milkmaid Braids

This braid is both sophisticated and classy, even though it can be worn for simple occasions. It is a sport suitable if you do not want to wear ponytails. It also appears intricate, almost like you have worked so hard to perfect it, but it is simple to try. You can achieve this style within 5 minutes. It is a common hairstyle for weddings as people wearing them look completely angelic.

Waterfall Braid

If you want to steal the occasion, you can simply wear waterfall braid styles to appear stunning and classy. This delicate and beautiful braided hairstyle creates unbeatable glamour like a waterfall of your hair, resting on the side of your head. Since this hair is elegant and eye-catching, it is suitable for occasions like weddings.

Tree Braids

Tree braid styles look complex and detailed, and these tiny strands of plaits work double the quantity of your hair. The braid appears nearly invisible on the head as they are plaited from the scalp to gradually make their way, inclining into the free flow of numerous strands. This style provides protection and you can enjoy the length of the braids.


Cornrows are easy, comfortable to wear, and one of the most unique among other braid styles. It can be everyone's favorite way of protecting both short and long hair. You can also consider it to be a traditional sectioning technique that can be done in various designs to suit a person's face.


Twist braid is an indication that not all braid styles need three strands. You only need two strands to twist your hair into a fine style. A popular twist type is a Senegalese twist and it is an elegant incarnate. The style is not just beautiful, but versatile and can be worn at any length.


So many braid styles are easy to do by yourself while a few can be assisted by your hairstylist. However, all these braided styles will make you look gorgeous and unique and most of them are very appropriate for important occasions. You can make the most of your 2022, by trying out these stunning options.


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